Something that has confused me for quite some time and I need to clear up in my own head, is movement.  I understand the rules as far as determining distance one can move as outlined in the Complete Rulebook, however when I read the Gameplay Example in the S&W Complete rules, it throws me off and makes me wonder if I've been doing this wrong all along.

  1. There is an out of combat movement example provided first;   "Referee: “Yes, no problems along the way, you can reach the intersection with the Long Hall. Sixty feet was the first half of your move because the guys in plate mail have a movement rate of 6. You’ve got 40 feet left to move in this turn."  ​If they have a movement rate of 6, then out of combat they have a movement of 120 ft.
  2. Then there is an in-combat example;  "​Referee: "Werner and Hobart charge forward, so Werner's torch will be illuminating the area as they move.  You guys are in plate mail, and your movement rate is only 6, so you get 60 feet.  There are 6 Goblins within 10 feet of you, which puts you in melee combat range."  if they have a movement rate of 6, then in combat they have a movement of 20 ft.  ​They are charging, so maybe that has some relevence?

Sooooo......what gives?  What am I not getting here? 



Ignore the Gameplay example. Per "Weight & Movement" on pages 32-33 in S&W Complete, the base movement is determined by weight carried and Strength regardless of the armor worn. If base movement rate is 6 then movement in the dungeon is 120ft/turn walking,240ft/turn running, and 20ft/round in combat.

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This is what I've been doing.  The example always seemed a little borked somehow. 

In #1, I think "40 feet left"is a typo that should be 60ft since it mentions that 60ft is "first half of your move" 

The example given in #2 item is actually of 1" = 10ft per round. This is identical to 'Movement — Time and Distance Factors" on page 102 in 1e AD&D Players Handbook. Therefore, movement rate of 6 would be 60ft/round during combat and running in the dungeon and 60ft/turn while exploration and mapping are in progress.


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Then that makes more sense.  It was really messing with my head. 


The first example works, if a bit awkwardly phrased “in the first half of your movement” - what does “first half” matter in that cont car. However the numbers add up if you take the movement 6 in plate as correct (either due to plate max like AD&D or due to overall weight of plate and gear) because that equals 240 walking and 240-80 = 49, so that matches. 

I mercies this because I had an overall question on speeds and their rationale.

Based on about a (rounded) average walking speed of 4feet per second, we get to about 240feet per minute

That would mean we walk about 2400 per “turn.” However, in old days I recall in AD&D we used at our table walking(mapping/traps/doors) speed, walking, jog/trot and full run speeds (in and outdoor had diff values)

So I can take 240 per 10 mins to be the “cautious” walk without concern  but the run speed of 480 feet per 10 mins seems way off. Has this been addressed by game design/rationalizations?

finally combat speed talks about dashing around although it seems by math to be closer to the human avg walking speed in real world (though slightly below it)