Borderland provinces Map Key

Botrderland Provinces has a nice looking map but I haven't found a key to the symbols. For example, 3 circles  I'm guessing is a ruin, square is a castle, dark circle a town but what do the triangles represent? Also what is the distance in a hex? 

Pretty sure its a 50-mile hex. A dot is a town or village; a dot with a circle is a city, a circle with a star is a capital or free city, a circle with many stars is an imperial capital. A square is a fortress or citadel, three dots are ruins, triangles are places of interest, unbroken line is road, broken road is trail or unused road, and dotted line is mountain pass.


Assuming it uses the same as the Akados Region Map, anyway.

Thanks, that makes sense. Those are big hexes. Are they ever shown in smaller scale?

Not really; I think they left them so large so you can insert things as needed into the setting without breaking anything. Stoneheart Valley and the Bard's Gate Complete have a smaller map of the Lyre Valley (which kind of don't match up, unfortunately). 

On the Borderland Provinces Map at f27 it says 'Mountains' but nothing else. Is this meant to be a named location? March of Mountains -  I see it now

Are map locations number first or letter first?

I would assume letter first to match standard spreadsheet nomenclature.

Found a map legend in the Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms book on pagr 6 which shows the small map included with the book, Haven't found a map legend in Borderland Provinces