The Blight buy options



Most products under the Blight have a price but when I select the options, I can only select the pdf with a reduction. 

Eg. The Tome of Blighted Horrors costs $ 19.99, but when I select it I can only choose the pdf version and it only costs $9.99.


I'm wondering if there is a way to get the physical version for in the example $19.99?



There were only a limited number of softcovers printed for the KS. it may mean that all of the softcovers are sold out. if so,  Zach needs to correct the price shown for the PDF only.

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@Shadow Demon: thanks, that'll teach me not to back a kickstarter.

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Quite a few of the products for the Blight are listed on Drive Thru RPG dot com.  If they're only available as a PDF there, then definitely buy here from the publisher.  However, a lot of products listed on DriveThru also have a print on demand option.  I've had several out of print books printed through their service.

I take it then these were only a limited run and will not be back in stock.