Converting The Styes to 5e

A pet project I thought I'd share. This is my first draft and I'm sure that I'm a bit inconsistent with skill checks but thought I'd share to get some feedback.


The Styes by Richard Pett

Originally appearing in Dungeon Magazine 121, April 2005

Intended for PCs level 10th thru 12th


Pg. 44

Authority Figures and Important Personages

  • Name characters will be converted when/if introduced
  • Constables: Guard (MM pg. 347) with a Thug (MM pg. 350) as squad leader if needed

Finding a helpful priest of good alignment for healing

  • DC 12 + the level of the spell needed; no spells above 5th level available


  • DC 10 Con save once daily to resist;
    • if the PC fails there is a -2 penalty on:
      • Spellcasters to maintain concentration when taking damage
      • Skill checks for perception, investigation
      • Lesser restoration can cure for the day

Filth Fever = Sewer Plague (DMG pg.257)


Hopene’er Asylum

Physician Trantor

  • Persuasion/Intimidation
    • DC 12: to get him to talk to PCs about Jarme
  • Insight Check
    • DC 15: Trantor is a little nervous
  • Persuasion/Intimidation
    • DC 20: to get Trantor to reveal Jarme’s visitor
  • Persuasion/Intimidation
    • DC 20: to reveal that Jarme spent the last few days drawing
    • DC 25: to get him to show them the drawings

Pg. 48

Examining the room and drawings

  • Investigation/Perception
    • DC 13: notes that the drawings of the sea creature include shackles
    • DC 15: notes that the tentacle is trapped a deep black well
  • History
    • DC 13: note that the skyline in the pics is the same as the Styes
  • Arcana
    • DC 15: identifies the fish-like creature as an aboleth
  • Nature
    • DC 15: identifies the sea creature as some kind of “giant squid”
    • DC 20: identifies the “giant squid” as a kraken

Constable Jute

  •  Insight
    • DC 15: He’s nervous
  • Persuasion/Intimidation
    • DC 15: Admits to being told to not talk about the case

Pg. 49

Scene of the Crime

  • Investigate/Persuasion/Intimidation
    • DC 13: Constable Jute escorts them to the most recent murder site
  • Survival/Investigate
    • DC 13 (survival)/DC 15 (investigate): reveals the faint bloody tracks
    • DC 20 (Survival): follow the tracks

Hemlock Pit

  • Persuasion/Intimidation
    • DC 15: Perfumer mentions that Mr Dory is a customer and that he smells bad
    • DC 20: Grotten Longflint suspects Mr Dory has stolen goods

Dory’s Warehouse

  • Athletics
    • DC 20: climb up the crane

Pg. 50

D1. Warehouse Main Floor

  • Straight conversion of Reflex save to Dex save
  • Manticores (MM pg. 213)

Pg. 51

D2. Management

  • Borsk Chumwell (Commoner, MM pg.345)
    • DC 25 Intimidate/Persuasion to get him to arrange a meeting

D3. Upper Storage

  • Manticore (MM pg. 213)

D4. Upper Walkway

  • Lock (DC 20 Thieves’ tools to open)

D5. Crane

  • Moving on the Walkway
    • DC 10 Acrobatics check or fall prone
      • And 2nd check at the same DC or fall off
  • Mud
    • No change to damage
  • Skum Rogue: I wanted to have a lot of the guards/NPCs here use the Between template from Tome of Blighted Horrors (pg. 83). The template can also be found in TB5: Children of the Harvest (pg. 29).
    • Use Sahuagin Baron (MM. pg 264) with Between template (larval).

D6. Dory’s Hulk

  • Door: Locked (DC 25 Thieves Tool) to open
  • Chains: AC 18, HP: 180

D7. Front Pool

  • Moving: DC 10 Acrobatics or fall prone
  • Skum Rogues: as above

D8. Central Span

  • Moving: DC 10 Acrobatics or fall prone
    • And a 2nd check at the same DC to see if you fall into the pool
  • Skum Rogues: as above
  • Harid, Assassin Rogue (Master Thief, Volo’s pg.216 w/ Between template (larval); keeps the same equipment;
    • DC 15 Arcana to know that Harid’s skin condition is due to his contact with the aboleth

Pg. 53

D9. Dory’s Chamber

  • Mr. Dory (Master Thief, Volo’s pg. 216) w/ Alchymic-Underlying Creature template (ToBH pg.81-2); keeps the same equipment

Pg. 54

D9. Dory’s Chamber (cont)

  • Flesh golem (MM pg.169)
  • DC 15 Nature identified the fish
  • DC 15 Perception/Investigation finds the parchment
  • DC 15 Religion identifies the symbol of Tharizdun

Pg. 56

T3. Ship Prow

  • Skum Rogues as before
    • Rubble = rough terrain, disadvantage on Dex-based checks and can provide partial cover

Pg. 57

T4. Chuul-Haunted Hallway

  • Chuul (MM pg.40)
  • Jump = DC 17 Dex save to avoid falling into the tide pool
  • Swim check = Athletics DC 17

Pg. 58

T5. Dark God’s Chapel

  • Sgothgah
    • Option 1: Aboleth (MM pg.13, with the following changes)
      • Can cast Bane at 4th level (up to 6 creatures effected) and/or Protection from Evil and Good as an action or legendary action
      • Supsug (giant octopus MM pg.326, with 85 hp and multi-attack: 3)
    • Option 2: Nihileth Aboleth (ToB pg.8)
      • Nihilethic zombie (4)

Pg. 59

T6. Watery Descent

  • DC 17 Investigation to find the treasure


Pg. 60

Landgrave’s Folly

DC 17 Athletics check to swim

L1. Ruined Spire

Glyph of Warding (explosive rune) (PHB pg. 245)


Pg. 61

L2. Flooded Temple

  • Aboleth (MM pg.13, no lair actions)

Pg. 62

L3. Landgrave’s Pit

  • Spawn of Tharizdun
    • Use Froghemoth stats (5eF pg.107) with a few changes
      • No problems from lightning issues
      • Legendary actions (up to 3 per round)
        • Make an additional tentacle or tongue attack
        • Can move up to its full movement without provoking an attack of opportunity