My Wish List for 5e

Well title pretty much sums it up. This is my wish list for a 5e version of the books to come out sometime down the road. Feel free to discuss your own wish list or other books you would love to see come out to 5e from Frog God Games.

Rappan Athuk

Lost City of Barakus

Sword of Air

Stoneheart Valley

Cyclopean Deeps

Cults of the Sundered Kingdom

Slumbering Tsar

Honorable Mentions

Northland Saga

Razors Coast

Converting isn't that hard; I'm converting Stoneheart Valley and Sword of Air right now.

I don't disagree, but it would be 1 less thing to do in regards to prep work.

Found this the other day seems to be working ok.

Am I missing something? That link leads to a page with what appears to be a 3.5 to 5 conversion of an Otyugh, which doesn't match the Otyugh in the MM. There doen't seem to be any form to fill in details or anything like that. The document that lists the conversion rules they used is interesting though, but I already had a copy of that.

Pexxx, this is rather good, including the conversion document behind the script. Thanks for posting it.

Obviously, as I've just started running Cults of the Sundered Kingdom, that would be at the top of my list.

And a gazeteer for the Lost Lands would also be very useful.

I would like to hear from the Frogs about posting our own conversions, as I'm 99% finished with my Stoneheart Valley conversion. I'd be glad to clean it up and post what they'll allow me.

Just started working on Gremag last night.

I just tagged Bill, we are fine with you posting it so long as it clearly states that it is an unofficial release. If you would tag me when you are done I would be happy to link to it on the FB page and on the new website when its done.


Since it looks like you got premsssion to post this below, did it ever go up anywhere?  It wold love to have a copy of this.

It hasn't gone up yet in any concrete fashion; I've been teasing it as time allows on here (mostly talking about Knem Koth; I love that I get more details about him in Mountains of Madness), but I've just moved, so time has been short recently. 

However, Stoneheart Valley is completely converted; I've not done any proofreading, so its undoubtedly messy, and I'll need to strip out all the stuff that pertinent to my setup of the campaign, as well as all the actual text from the book that I put in my notes, as well, before I consider posting it! But, rest assured, it will be posted eventually.

Hey, its Zach from Frog God. I am going to find your answer from the head frog and get back to you with an official answer to this question. 


By the way I forwarded the titles you guys mentioned to Bill. This is currently something that is regularly discussed and will see some movement on in the near-ish term.


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I'm going to beat the dead horse and throw out Tome of Horrors in 5e again. In fact, the dead horse could make an appearance in ToH 5e!

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If Tsar get's a 5e treatment, here's hoping for S&W as well! :)

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My list isn't that much different than yours, Pexxx - just a bit different in the order.  I'd like to see Cults, Stoneheart, and Barakus first, in any order.  After that I'm pretty open, but I think I'd like to see Rappun Athuk, Northlands, and Slumbering Tsar in the "2nd tier" conversions.  Then the rest.


Speaking of monster conversions and the like, what I wouldn't mind seeing - especially if official conversions are far off - are pdfs (either for a fee...preferably for free!) of just the monsters found in the adventures converted to 5e.  That would be pretty dang sweet.

Creature, city and state statblocks would make me happy. Don't reinvent the rest of the wheels on the classics. If encounters are modified/adjusted due to system differences even if they don't match the original word-for-word, that's ok. Most of us already own the original material and a simple PDF of conversion info would make us feel loved and appreciated while NEW material is developed.

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It is a safe bet you all will end up seeing 5e versions of these Frog God products. I can say for certain that Rappan Athuk is being given the 5e treatment (oh, btw, check out every other Thursday for playtest sessions of RA). You will also see a 5e version of Tome or Horrors. That's all I can say for now but I can promise you there are some really exciting things coming.

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Great news!