Quests of Doom 2(5e): Where's the player's map?

Page 15, area 40 of the Spire of Iron and Crystal reads: "A player map of level 2 is included". Maybe I'm blind but I can't find a player's map. Is it available somewhere?


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I hadn't noticed that. Let me find out and I'll respond back ASAP. 


The player maps were an unfortunate oversight as they were never commissioned. However, as a fantasy map dabbler, I have been making these when I get reqyusts. I have one I can send you that just hides the keyed locations and labels. I can get that to you. if you email me via zach

If it is for a VTT and you need the secret doors and such taken out, I can likely do that as well, it will just take me longer,

Zach, Frog God Games