Request for the froggies!

Ok - as someone who consumes alot of your stuff - I've noticed something with the recent products that I wanted to comment and request on:

You guys have started to use NPC's in the same way as the paizo NPC codex products - this (IMOHO) is awesome.  What I'd like to see happen in the future-ish (knowing that stuff in layout is way to late to change) would be for you guys to just codify some of this stuff - it would be easier to know that a baron should be "free-hand fighter 9" and that "Wall-Watcher" is really the same thing as "Longsword Bandit" but uses a pike for instance.  You have used the NPC codex which is handy.

It seems like you guys are *so* close to doing this - and it would cut out some of the statblock bloat soooo much.


That is all...

This has been heavily discussed and is something you might be seeing in the next 6 months barring unanticipated changes

Zach Glazar

Frog Gog Games

Well color me happy - as I put everything into another program I've noticed at the same time the fact that you guys seemed to be using a 'frog-gods' set of standard NPCs while also re-entering the same guy for the 5th time before I realize it :)

I think the 'NPC codex' and 'Monster codex' books are perhaps one of the most clever ideas that Paizo has had - and the use of these NPC's in other books helps reduce statblock bloat, makes things easier on the GM, etc. etc. - it's not gone un-noticed or un-appreciated out here.