Quests of Doom 4 - Midnight Council of Quail

A Midnight Council of Quail by Lance Hawvermale (for 4 to 6 characters from 3rd and 5th level)  

The characters explore a village to locate the lair of a monstrous murderer — but the villagers don’t want the murderer to be discovered. 

The Archdruid Cadrryn is so old and mystical that his very presence often affects the natural world around him. Over the years, his close association with the region’s quail population has bestowed upon the birds a sentience uncommon to normal avians. With slightly advanced intelligence, the quail now act as local sentinels, reporting back to Cadrryn on all matters that transpire in his domain. But the druid has been away for more than a fortnight on business of the Druidic Order of Oescreheit, leaving the quail to decide on important events without his wise hand to guide them. When the birds learn that a sinister force has infiltrated the nearby village of Eorls Gedreas, where many of them roost upon the thatched rooftops, the quail convene to determine a way to fight back.  

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