How To Make Money with Live Streaming

It's technically easy to make money streaming video games. Reliable streaming platforms offer multiple systems for earning and responsibly pay streamers the money they get. The main challenge that many beginners face is how to make such content so that streams attract numerous audiences.

Streaming Platform Income Methods

The method of earning on streaming depends on two main factors:

  • Opportunities offered by the platform chosen by the gamer
  • The preferences of the player himself. Someone may be afraid that by openly advertising a brand, he will lose subscribers. Others do not like the donation system and prefer the banner that overlays the broadcast.

Here are some of the most popular earning methods you can try.

Donations from Faithful Fans

Subscribers who want to support the streamer can transfer tips to him, thereby investing in the further development of the channel. Donations arrive during the broadcast and assume some polite words towards a fan who sent even a small amount of money. He will be pleased to hear his name from the lips of his game idol. That strengthens the connection between streamers and fans and stimulates further investments.

Making Money from Advertising

If the player is not embarrassed that the streams can be interrupted by advertising, he can receive commissions for this. There are different types of ads:

  • at the start of the broadcast
  • in the middle
  • in the form of banners overlaid the broadcast

Some services give the streamer the right to choose the commercials that will be broadcast, others do it on their own. The most popular streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook allow gamers to make money from advertising, but for this, they need to exceed the minimum subscriber threshold.

Cooperation with Brands

Getting brands interested in investing in your channel is harder than getting tips from fans. But this becomes real after the channel becomes popular and gains a large audience. After all, brands are not interested in the streamer himself, but in his audience. With such cooperation, the streamer will promote the sponsor's products in various forms:

  • banners on the channel and in the course of the broadcast
  • mentioning the brand during the discussion of the game
  • selection of the game to be broadcast from the sponsor's offers

Creation of Paid Content

You can intrigue subscribers with exclusive content, which will be offered for an additional fee. By making a good advertisement for the upcoming action, the streamer can attract a lot of subscribers who will be willing to pay for the disclosure of some secrets or a deeper analysis of some aspects of the game.

Participation in Affiliate Programs

If the streamer is trusted by his subscribers, they will be interested in the advertiser's links that the streamer offers on his resources. For converting visitors into leads, he will receive commissions. Many affiliate programs do not offer one-time payments, but for the entire period of the referral's activity.

Earning from streaming is a nice bonus to being able to share your passion for the game with others. But it is also a necessity because it takes a lot of time to create quality content. Combining this with additional work is not a very pleasant prospect. Therefore, try to earn money on what brings you real pleasure.