How To Stream Online Games. Step-by-step

Game streaming nowadays is not only a popular pastime but also a way towards the monetization of your hobby. Where do you start if you do not have any experience? Let’s discover the main steps and useful advice that are going to be helpful.

Select the equipment

Start by learning the PC requirements and purchasing the needed equipment. Do not forget to test and check the quality of the Internet connection, graphics, and sound. Keep in mind that this sphere is highly competitive and even if you are good but the whole quality of your product is bad, no one will follow you.

Be interesting and polite

In addition, to simply start the video, you can also prepare a script for the upcoming stream. Make it dedicated to some topic, and prepare some small videos that would be inserted somewhere along the way. It will be good to show some kind of challenge on the stream or just a master class of the game. Starting a broadcast on a new product is also a good idea. Do whatever you wish – the main thing is that it looks high quality and interesting, and you respond politely to your followers.

Talk not only about the game

Listening to the constant comments on the gameplay is very boring and uninteresting. Learn how to find abstract topics, tell about the origin of some items in the game. In the long breaks between action on the screen, feel free to tell some amazing stories – just so that the audience does not get bored.

In addition, always respond to audience questions. Stream is different because here the presenter can communicate with people in real time (adjusted for delays), and people expect it to be so.

However, you need to be able to find a balance between commenting on the gameplay and third-party reflections. Especially if the game is interesting and with a famously twisted plot – do not interrupt the characters during conversations. You can explain what happened and where you were directed. Constant detachment from what is happening on the screen is annoying in the same way as the constant focus on it.

Don't stream alone

This is very convenient – a co-commentator can help with reading chats or comments, give advice and simply conduct a dialogue with the presenter on various topics. Silence can be good sometimes, but on stream, you still have to talk so that the viewer does not get bored.

At last, keep in mind the following:

  • Without diversity in the choice of material for broadcast, you are gradually losing the audience.
  • It is best to run the stream for 2 hours. This time is enough to lead it energetically, then fatigue accumulates and you can barely move.
  • Don't expect to be popular right away. Spectators follow their favorite streamers and rarely go to others, especially new ones. Try to place yourself on various sites, accumulate an audience and keep it.

Do what you like and share it with others. That is the main key to success together with the great quality of your streams.