What Are The Best Mics and Cameras for Game Streaming

Professional broadcasting on streaming services is impossible not only without high-quality basic equipment but also without accessories such as a webcam and microphone. This is what distinguishes the branded presentation from the amateur level:

  • In the first case, everything is perfect — from sound quality to the smallest details of graphics
  • In the second, somehow selected parts of the main and auxiliary equipment give mediocre broadcast quality

Choosing a Microphone for Streaming

Before buying a microphone, decide which characteristics are most important specifically for you:

  • Computer connection method
  • Device price
  • Quality and range of transmitted sounds

If the cost is essential and acts as a limiter in the choice, it is necessary to give preference to cheap, but at the same time high-quality models. It could be:

  • Blue Snowball Ice for USB
  • Audio-Technica AT2020 for XLR

If you are not limited in finances, give preference to multifunctional models with different recording modes:

  • HyperX QuadCast for USB
  • Shure SM7B for XLR

In general, XLR microphones give better and more spacious sound. But they are also much more expensive. In addition, they require an external audio interface, making the purchase even more expensive.

How to Make the Final Decision

Once you have made your choice based on the criteria that suit you, search the Internet for sound samples of your preferred models. Warmer or cooler notes in the sound, dryness, or voluminosity add color to your streaming style. Therefore, first, check if this is the sound you are striving for. If you often talk to your audience, choose the best models, even if they cost more. After all, your voice in this case is your calling card.

How to Choose the Best Webcam

When determining a webcam model for purchase, first critically evaluate the conditions in which you will use it:

  • Do you stream in a darkroom?
  • Do you prefer a brightly lit space?
  • How much free space do you have on your desktop to accommodate the camera?

In the case of broadcasting from a dark premise, it is imperative to pick a model with a low light mode, as well as with internal illumination. Otherwise, the quality of the broadcast video will be so dull, as if you are broadcasting from underground. If you buy an expensive 3D camera and there is not much space on your desktop, it may soon end up on the floor.

Prefer the Best Quality of Transmitted Picture

The quality of the video stream is determined by the frame rate and resolution. If you are very emotional and react violently during the game, such a function as "Autofocus" is also essential. It helps to create a clear picture of fast moving objects.

Pay attention to the following webcam options:

  • Logitech StreamCam — not cheap, but ideal for streaming
  • Casecube 2K — the best option for its price
  • Razer Kiyo X is also an inexpensive alternative that delivers a great picture

With a good camera and microphone, you will feel more confident while streaming. This will definitely affect the presentation of the material and the evaluation of the streaming by your viewers.