Why Are Idle Games So Popular?

Idle games have been proven to be one of the three most popular types of online games together with RPGs and shooters. Millions of people worldwide play clicker games. New games are released every ten hours. So, why are idle games so popular? Let us figure it out.

Top reasons for the idle games` popularity

Idle games are sometimes called “no games.” It means that this type of online game is generally played by lazy people who desire not to make mental effort to win a game. While playing almost any idle game, you needn’t think about any strategies or tactics. All you need to do is to click/tap the screen and get prizes for that. The fact that more than 80% of idle games are endless makes them especially attractive for gamers.

A feeling of power and greatness

Clicker games make every person feel powerful and invincible. It is because of this feeling that hundreds of thousands of players around the world click on the screen every day. With the money earned in the game, the player can buy everything that he/she cannot afford in real life. It can be, for example, an airplane, a factory, a farm, a huge restaurant, an apartment building, and other benefits from the world of millionaires. A person feels great and such that in this life he/she can do everything.

Idle games are available for players of all ages

Idle games are available to people of all ages. For example, parents teach their children to play on a smartphone from the age of two years. Therefore, clicker games will perfectly help to keep the kids busy while the parents are working or doing household chores. Clicker games help children develop fine motor skills and attention. Therapists in the US recommend that people over 80 actively play clickers on a PC but not on a mobile phone. This is necessary to develop joints of hands and train eyesight. Thus, clicker games can be called useful for human health.

A great option to have a rest

Lazy games provide players with a great opportunity to take a break from their daily routine. When playing games of this genre, you can easily turn off your brain and just click on the screen ridiculously. You do not need to think about anything. You just sit and click. Psychologists from Princeton University have recently studied the effects of clicker games on the human brain. As a result, scientists have found out that during the game, neural connections in the human brain are rebuilt and become more flexible. The player's mood improves and after the game the person begins to treat the world and the people around him/her more positively and friendly.

So, now you can start playing idle games and decide whether you like them or not. Although idle games are tremendously popular nowadays, they are considered to be addictive. So, you should gamble responsibly and not allow yourself to get too carried away with these games.